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farty_poo's Journal
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Date:2011-02-06 19:22
Subject:What makes you super excited about the weekends?

http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/ together with Globe is hosting a super giveaway! Just tell him what makes you super excited about the weekends on your blog/twitter/plurk/tubmlr account! It's that EASY! So go and tell him! :D

What makes me super excited about the weekends?

I get to play THIS:

Underwater hockey (UWH) is the perfect sport to release all the pent up stress from the past work week. Fast paced and action packed, this game is a great stress reliever as it is fun and is also a great source of exercise. Who says you have to suffer to get fit?

The only downside to UWH is that your body gets a good beating. My usual recovery would be just to spend the rest of the day on my bed sleeping. So the P5000 Super Free weekend fun & pamper package would be a welcome change.

Here's a video of me doing some drills. WARNING obscene amounts of flab in the video. LOL

(just poo it!)

Date:2010-12-30 12:05


So what's a Great way to usher in the new year? Why, winning EVERYTHING you need to start a KICK ASS blog just like Jaypee's blog!

To be honest, I have no real blogging experience unless posting three to five sentences bi-annually is considered blogging. In fact, I've been struggling these past 3 days just editing this post to add links and images and whatnot. So why do I do I want to win blogging stuff? Because I like to torture myself. HAHA I'd like to get into the blogging world with all the necessary tools available so my learning curve would be shorty. EXTREMELY steep, but short (yay for Econ 11 haha). Hopefully by the 31st, you get to see a brand new spanking blog from me!

I better start racking my brain for a theme I can write about forever.

Check out the prices!
1st Prize
1-year Publisher Plan from Scribe SEO ($324)
1 Pro-Plus package from StudioPress ($249.95)
1 Developer Theme Package from WooThemes ($150)
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1-year Freedom-CDN Plan from WP Webhost ($120)
1-year Pro Account from Wibiya Web Toolbar ($118.80)
1-year Starter Plan from Reinvigorate ($100)
1-year subscription to Website Monitoring from website-monitoring.com ($59)
1-year subscription to Privacy Pro from Privacy Pro ($35.95)
1-year domain (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99)
$20 cash via PayPal courtesy of DiTesco
2nd Prize
1-Year Publisher Plan from Scribe SEO ($324)
1 Genesis/Child theme package from StudioPress ($79.95)
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1 Club Membership from Elegant Themes ($39)
1-year Advanced Hosting Plan from Hostentic ($116)
1-year Pro Account from Wibiya Web Toolbar ($118.80)
1-year Starter Plan from Reinvigorate ($100)
1-year subscription to Privacy Pro from Privacy Pro ($35.95)
1-year domain (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99)
$10 cash via PayPal courtesy of MukhangPera.com
3rd Prize
1-Year Publisher Plan from Scribe SEO ($324)
1 Genesis/Child theme package from StudioPress ($79.95)
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1 Annual Access Membership from Flexi Themes ($49.95)
1-year Freedom Plan from WP Webhost ($80)
1-year Pro Account from Wibiya Web Toolbar ($118.80)
1-year Starter Plan from Reinvigorate ($100)
1-year subscription to Privacy Pro from Privacy Pro ($35.95)
1-year domain (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99)
$10 cash via PayPal courtesy of MukhangPera.com
4th Prize
1 Genesis/Child theme package from StudioPress ($79.95)
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1 Basic Theme Package from WP Now ($49)
1-year Freedom Plan from WP Webhost ($80)
1-year subscription to Privacy Pro from Privacy Pro ($35.95)
1-year domains (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99)
$10 cash via PayPal courtesy of MukhangPera.com
Consolation Prizes
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1-year subscription to Privacy Pro from Privacy Pro ($35.95)
6 – 1-year domains (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99)
I’m also giving away 5 Globe Tattoo USB dongles courtesy of Abe Olandres of YugaTech ($20/each) to all contestants from the Philippines.
As a BONUS, I’ll be giving away a 15% rebate for website-monitoring.com to all contestants and 2 Golden Tickets to VaultPress. Please let me know via the comment section if you’re interested.

Scribe SEO



WP Zoom

Elegant Themes


WP Now

WP WebHost

Hostentic Web Hosting

Wibiya Web Toolbar


Privacy Pro

Website Monitoring

Jehzeel Laurente

Abe Olandres


Mukhang Pera


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Date:2010-12-24 23:57

Here is my top 10 Fun Things I Can Do with a new Lenovo Laptop list:

1. toss like a frizbee
2. use it as a coaster
3. play ping pong with it
4. swat flies/mosquitoes/insects with it
5. table stabilizer
6. use it for skeet shooting
7. make it a paper weight
8. mouse pad
9. use it as a trivet (hot pan holder)
10. make it the backing of a dart board

but seriously if I win it the list would be:
10. Do SOME work

this is my official entry to yugatech's Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Giveaway and pinoy techblog's Lenovo-PTB Great Laptop Giveaway

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Date:2010-02-26 22:12
Subject:YugaTech Great Gadget Giveway — Gimme your best shot! MY ENTRIES
Mood: hopeful

Click for contest details!!!

My mom received an SMS about a rally commemorating the 1986 EDSA revolution at the Araneta Colliseum to be followed by a walk to the People Power Monument. My dad and aunt, being die hard Ninoy and Cory (Nonoy too) supporters, decided to join. Turned out the event was a political rally/concert for the liberal party.

Too bad for the old folks. No EDSA revolution commemoration, no walk to the People Power Monument. GREAT for me. HORDES of people to shoot for the Yugatech give away!!! haha selfish me. (hanep sa segue. deadline na eh. hehe)

Pics taken with a cellphone cam. apologies to SLR users haha Collapse )

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Date:2010-02-26 21:21
Subject:YugaTech Great Gadget Giveway — Gimme your best shot!
Mood: cheerful

WOOHOO!!! another contest! (tamang tama deadline mamaya! haha)

Okay, I have to admit that running a huge giveaway/contest is such a tedious job in terms of logistics especially if you have several hundreds (over 700+) entries to comb thru. Nevertheless, we’ll continue to do our give-away every month. So here’s Round #2 of the YugaTech Great Gadget Giveway — Gimme your best shot!

This is your chance to get that MSI Wind U123H, the 10-inch netbook with built-in 3G powered by Globe Tattoo.

So what do you need to do? Simple.

Go to the most crowded place and have your picture taken holding the sign “Follow @abeolandres and @talk2globe on Twitter!"

More details here.

Upload your submission on Flickr, PixLink, Picasa, Facebook, or any of your favorite photo-sharing site. I suggest to name your photos as “yugatechcontest.jpg” before uploading and/or include a tag “yugatech contest” when applicable. You can even put it on your blog and write about the ordeal of getting that difficult shot.

You can download this PDF document and print it out to use as props. You can make your own sign too — print it, paint it, put it on a tarp, cartolina, or manila paper — be creative, sky’s the limit. (Hint: We might give special prizes to the most creative ones.)

Once you’re done, leave a comment here with the link to your entry/page.

What we’re giving away?

MSI Wind U123H — for the most difficult, most creative that draws the biggest crowd attention or impact. I’ll pick 5 finalists and ask a panel of judges (TBA) to win the top prize. The runners-up get a Globe Tattoo.

If you posted your entry on Facebook and get as many people to “Like” the photo, you win 5 Globe Tattoo and five Php500 Globe Load. That’s top 10 with the most “Likes”.

If you posted your entry on PixLink, we’ll randomly pick 5 entries to win a Globe Tattoo each.

If you blogged about your entry and linked back to this contest page, we’ll also pick 10 entries randomly to win five Globe Tattoo and five Php500 Globe call card.

I’ll be running a Google Image Search and pick 5 random images on the front page of the search results and give them a prize as well (Php500 Globe call card each). That’s the reason why I mentioned using the file name and/or tag above.

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Date:2009-12-15 03:30
Subject:of thanks and moleskines
Mood: cold

It's time for my bi-annual blog post!


Moleskine has a new planner! and www.avalon.ph is giving one away! yay!

What am i thankful for this 2009?

That my super duper long time *childhood* crush has found someone who TRULY loves her and who she TRULY loves back. It's weird. I'm happy because she's happy but sad because... yeah. awww. *tear*

For the ARMY of guardian angels my sister has.

For our family's 20 month old nephew who is on skype everyday. His smile and his "talking" = instant stress melter.

So what are you thankful for this year? Write about it and get a chance to win a Moleskine!

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Date:2006-03-08 23:45
Mood: nervous

hey guys!

Punta kayo sa function namin bukas! buffet dinner siya.P200 lang(dapat P230 pero sagot ko na yung butal hehe)! we have two turn-overs. one at 530-700 and the other at 715-845. eto yung menu namin:

Fish Roll with Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce
wrapped flaked fish, fried and served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce
Roast Chicken with mango Sauce
Chicken roasted and served with a tropical flavored sauce
Scotch Eggs Victoria with Chili-Tomato Sauce
Meatballs with egg in rich tomato sauce with spicy tinge
Vegetable Medley
Assortment of vegetables sautéed in butter
Rice Pilaf
Long –grain rice cooked in chicken stock topped with chopped spring onions
Triple Chocolate Brownies
Concoction of three chocolates to satisfy your cravings
Fruit Salad
Blend of fruits in season served with an appetizing dressing
Pandan Iced Tea
Iced tea flavored with pandan for quenching that thirst

la kaming dress code. so go! go! go!

for those going text me at 0917-626-6975. i need to give you your ticket! hehe

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Date:2006-02-28 22:32
Subject:nakakasawa na...
Mood: cheerful

AGORA winner na naman ang JMA? ano ba yan?! every year na lang. hay. hehe

congrats JMA!!!

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Date:2006-01-22 22:32
Subject:catering needs
Mood: sleepy

My HRIM 111 Catering Management group is looking for clients. We're assigned to hold a buffet function, and we need clients! UP's equipment can supply 70-100 people. If you know anyone who needs a buffet caterer, pls leave a comment or email me at dacky3@yahoo.com. You can also SMS me at 0917-626-6975. Thanks!

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Date:2005-11-24 20:29
Mood: thoughtful

who wants to go to switzerland. two weeks, 3500 lang. air fair, accommodations in a really nice hotel included.murang mura!

dollars nga lang. 200k pesos for two weeks in switzerland. sulit ba to?

pinapa announce nung department chair ng HRIM sa mga students na may international exposure trip sa switzerland next year mga bandang july. may cooking demos, lectures, seminars, tours etc. you'll be staying in a 5-star hotel ata. buffet lahat ng meals. so far yun yung details. may orientation sa intercon dec 4 3-6 pm.

sulit kaya?

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Date:2005-10-08 00:16
Subject:some form of gayness hehe
Mood: ewan hihi

who has a dvd or video of "rent"? i'm listening to the soundtrack now. sounds pretty good. pahiraaaaaaam! hehe

(just poo it!)

Date:2005-10-06 21:14
Subject:im alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!
Mood: blank

still here. two finals to go! yipee!

loko talaga friendster. you can still view profiles anonymusly. you just have to tick a box in your settings.

love life's a bust. what's new? haha

labo na naman plansem. kahit na di pa alam kung magdidirector next sem.

oh well. life goes on. =)

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Date:2005-08-26 00:14
Mood: confused

1 am. my curfew on saturday. *yay*

i feel uber guilty but kilig at the same time! haha i did something not good but not bad. i checked out the my friends graduation contact prints (stalker effect!). nice naman. i want to tell her that i looked at her prints, but i think she'd definitely ignore me forever if i do tell. what a feeling. tae

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Date:2005-08-18 23:31
Subject:good morning ma'am! welcome!
Mood: tired

my feet hurt!

we're required to "work" at the CHE tea room for 15 hours. here's what we have to do:
3 hours waiting tables
2 hours seating people or being a maitre'd (aka waiting tables)
2 hours in the takeout counter(aka waiting tables)
2 hours mise en place which is making sure that all ingredients are ready for the day
2 hours sandwich station where you assemble TONS of sandwiches.
2 hours stewarding (aka dishwashing and mopping the floor)
2 hours production caller where you request the food from the kitchen and make sure that it is served in good quality

i manned the sandwich station from 8am to 10 am. got through 3 loaves of bread. stress cause people came in batches. ok na sana na isa isa ka gagawa ng sandwich pero dadating sila in groups of 3 or 4. hay. supplying the beverage is also part of the sandwich station. you have to fill the glass till the line then add ice so that it looks full. hehe tricks of the trade. mean.

then i was supposed to be the maitre'd from 12 to 2. but we were under staffed so i had to wait tables too. buti na lang wala masyadong tao kumakin ng sit-in ng thursday at friday. ubos na siguro baon nila by that time. i thought waiting tables was easy. but no! you're constantly moving. refilling water goblets, taking orders, busing tables, serving food etc. leather shoes pa gamit namin. poor feet.

ok. semi-long entry.

i'll be at the tea room on monday from 11-2. i won't be able to go to the genmeet. aww. balitaan niyo na lang ako.

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Date:2005-08-11 23:59
Subject:BMI and DBW
Mood: sleepy

i learned from my nutrition class that i am OVERWEIGHT. i could care less, but 30 pounds over my ideal weight is too much to neglect. its like having two extra heads! hay.

want to compute your Desired Body Weight?

ht(cm)-100= your DBW in kg

Convert DBW to lbs (DBWx2.2)

divide your current weight(lbs) by your DBW(lbs) then subtract 1. this will give you how much percent you are over or under weight.

for males
lean <8%
healthy 8-15%
plump 16-19%
fat 20-24%
obese >24%

for females
lean <15%
healthy 15-22%
plump 23-27%
fat 28-33%
obese >33%

what a depressing class. haha

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Date:2005-08-10 01:02
Subject:NAIL BLISS SPA gift certificates
Mood: bili na!

school stress getting to you? sore hands from all that note taking? tired feet caused by walking from building to building? you need a foot and hand spa!

reply to this entry now and avail of this limited offer! BIG BIG DISCOUNTS on Nail Bliss Gift Certificates! ONE HUNDRED PESO DISCOUNT on both gcs! you can avail of the "BLISS FOOT SPA" for only ONE HUNDRED FIFTY PESOS and the "BLISS HAND SPA" for a low low price of ONE HUNDRED PESOS! what an offer! dont let this offer go to waste! reply to this entry or email me at dacky3@yahoo.com. thats dacky3@yahoo.com. again its dacky3@yahoo.com. dont wait! dont hesitate! send me a message and get this once-in-a-life-time offer!

i've watched way too many infomercials. haha

but this entry is serious. bili na!

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Date:2005-08-06 23:36
Subject:semi-spoiler for charlie and the chocolate factory
Mood: contemplative

semi-spoiler ahead!

pampaluha ang charlie and the chocolate factory! *sheesh* i almost cried at the part where charlie shared the chocolate bar he got for his birthday. kahit na sinabihan siya na para sa kanya yung chocolate(he only gets one bar a year)he still gave everyone(mom, dad and four grandparents) a piece. buti na lang my sisters were also tear-y eyed. its a family thing pala. must have meant we miss our lola. or something to that sense. haha


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Date:2005-08-03 23:18
Subject:for sale!
Mood: bili na! hehe

i'm selling gift certificates of nail bliss located at xanland plaza condo, katipunan.

2 "bliss spa" for the hands- P150 each. down from P200
3 "bliss spa" for the feet- P200 each. down from P250

ang mura di ba? the gcs are valid until the end of the month. tamang tama para sa ad hoc. hehe

para sa KIDS to. di ka lang nagpaganda, tumulong ka pa sa KIDS. =)

leave a comment if you're interested. salamat!

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Date:2005-07-29 22:01
Subject:shabu baby!
Mood: check out the horns!

lookie! mga drug addik pala kami! hehe


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Date:2005-07-23 00:25
Mood: sick

i have colds. darn it.

got our chef's uniform set. name plate, checkered pants, chef's jacket long sleeve, chef's jacket short sleeve, a wrap around apron, side towel and a chefs hat. kulang na lang yung waiters vest na darating next week. all for a whopping P2k! haha

thanks to all the peeps who went to the "commeet"/finance lunch at shakey's! yay to us! sa uulitin.

(just poo it!)

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